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Debra Hughes -  CEO

My Background

As a well-known Professional Fundraiser and Entertainment Consultant, operating in Los Angeles since 1985, I’ve developed a reputation for providing outstanding services at fair rates. I have a customer-oriented approach to my work that explains why I have so many returning clients. Contact me today for more information about myself and my business, and to discuss what I can do for you.

Keyboard and Mouse
Glass Buildings


Zachary Hunchar

Creative And Technical Executive

Lionsgate Films


Debra is an amazing talent. Smart, versatile, and industrious; she elevates the companies she assists and the people around her by her very presence. Not everything she focuses on falls into the exciting categories, but every single thing she accomplishes is vital. Our industries thrive with her focus and attention.

Danny Lee

Director + Writer + Creator + Founder


Debra was foremost a great joy to work - always a smile, always helpful, always positive. I am happy to see how far Debra has come from Lions Gate to becoming a principal and managing her own entertainment company. I would gladly work with Debra again in any capacity.

Conrad Montgomery

Vice President, Current Animation


I had the pleasure of working with Debra Hughes for several years at Lions Gate Entertainment and would recommend her wholeheartedly. She is a very conscientious worker with a rare blend of personal skills and an acute business acumen that would certainly benefit any group in need of a team player

Shawn Astin

Media Specialist at Stand4Kind -Screenplay Writer 

Debra is wonderful to work with. She cares about her clients and protecting their creative work which goes a long way. She keeps communication open and doesn't leave you in the dark. Not only have we developed a good working relationship, but we've developed a great friendship as well. I am very blessed to have Debra working for me in my corner

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