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Who Are The Littles?

Updated: May 14, 2022

As I go through my list of cousins who are in the thousands. I find close, extended and distant cousins. Now the Close cousins are those who are my 1st Cousins. Now here is the kicker, your first Cousins children are ALSO your 1st Cousins 1x Removed and their children are also 1st Cousins 2x Removed. etc! Now who are those Extended family? Well, easy they are the your grandparent's siblings kids and grandkids! They are called 2nd Cousins! they are your PARENTS 1st Cousins!

In my search I found a family with the last name Little and it was not just one family member connected to this last name. There are more like, over 50 cousins who took the DNA. They were 3rd and 4th cousins!. Let me tell you how CONFUSED I became. First off, I could not connect any of them with a sibling of any of my known Ancestors. Then a name popped up, Rebecca Magee! This name was familiar because I found my great grandmother in Louisiana in the 1910 Census with her granddaughter and her husband and their last name was Magee. Well, I was still confused as her mother in law was a Magee and it took cross matching other DNA relatives to prove that Rebecca was actually my grandmother's older sister. It was the only explanation for the large amount of DNA shared by one of Rebecca's great grandsons. The picture below was shared by a relative of the Magee family. I can't prove it's them, but it's been submitted to that it was to be considered a picture of the family.

Rose Little (Slave Little) born abt. 1790 Georgia

Living in North Carolina

  • Nelson Little Son Born abt. 1808

  • 17 more to go

Family We Know!

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